How to get my hands/stats back

  • Hello!
    I am totally new to h2n, wanted to create my own hud, clicked clear stats ---> build stats after i was done and now my sessions and reports window is totally empty, it says i need to import my hands.I tried but it says my 2020 database 4300 hands are old so its probably still in the system but i cant see them, if i click on the stats my alias is there with all of my nicknames from different sites but i dont see any other names so my guess my hands are not imported.
    The second question is my 2020 database if in a folder on my pc but i dont know how can i add these hands simply to the h2n database? I cant put it into the auto import because it says its too big

    How can i see my hands, reports again?

  • @Dardaipali

    Okay, looks like i just deleted my database hands but i still cant import my old hands from the big folder :(

    1. Go to "H2N-> Configuration-> Database" and create a new database.

    2. In H2N main window click "Import -> From Folder", select your folder with hands and press "Select".

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