H2N has been stopped working with HHpoker(pokermaster) for one month

  • hi there,

    H2N has been stopped working with HHpoker for one month. Can someone tell me what the problem is with H2N? Or it is HHpoker porblem.

    are you guys going to fix it, I still have 7 months subscription. It is pointless to play poker without recording.

  • The last update of the room has caused problems and right now Hand2Note doesn't work there. We are already aware of the problem. Our development team is working on the solution. I can't give you exact ETA, but we'll do everything possible to restore the support shortly.

    You can follow the updates in the bottom right corner of hand2note (Click on "updates" to see the updates history). Also we have News Telegram channel - http://t.me/Hand2Note , and Discord - https://discord.gg/zMYAWFp

    Thanks for contacting our customer support and sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

    If you want we can freeze your subscription till the HHpoker fix will appear? But this is one time action

    If you need it to freeze , please send email to support@hand2note.com

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