wpn blitz needed, gonna have to not renew

  • i would like to renew my hand2note, but i need blitz hud for wpn, can u guys fix it plz

  • Our developers are working on it.
    Unfortunately, there is no exact ETA right now.

  • on live support an agent said it works and to reinstall wpn, i did, (truepoker) still isnt working, so does it work or not work im confused?

  • There are known issues with blitz support, namely it may lag and crash during the game, or not appear randomly on some WPN clients.
    If you have autoimport set correctly from room folder, your Hand2Note is the latest version, HUD should be working: https://hand2note.com/Help/pages/GettingStarted/

    Rebooting your PC, disabling antivirus and restarting H2N and WPN client as admin may help if HUD doesn't appear

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