No Stats in one specific PopUp in Main Window

  • Hi,

    in order to use different Huds in different rooms at the same time, I created a new Game Type (Configuration - Game Types) and assigned the desired HUD and PopUp for one room (Pokerstars).

    Everything works fine while playing, but in the main window of H2N my stats as well as the stats for all other Pokerstarsplayers are not
    appearing in the PopUp after clicking on the names - it looks like the stats where not builded. For all other rooms it works. Number of hands, VPIP / PFR etc. in the line after the names are shown correctly. I rebuilded the stats several times, that did not fix it.

    What could be the problem?

    Thanks a lot and best regards!

  • Hi,
    thanks for the reply. Auto import is configured. As mentioned, Hud an PopUps are working fine in the Pokerstars client, all stats are displayed and are being updates after every hand. When I am conducting range research with the Pokerstars playing pool, the stats are working, too.

    The problem only exists, when I am clicking on the names in the main window.

  • I just found out, that the stats are apperaring when I am switching the game type in settings on the PopUp window. But I have to click on the game type everytime when I open a PopUp.

    Can the game type setting for a specific pokerroom in the PopUp window be saved?

  • It looks like an issue with game types. Try to reset them and rebuild stats - and check that issue on default settings. If on default everything will work fine - add needed game types for rooms.

  • That worked, thanks!

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