Custom HUD doesn't show stats while GT-Popup does show stats

  • Hello H2N,

    I just bought a GT-HUD yesterday which works fine, but I wanted to switch the HUD to a custom one a friend made, while still using the GT-Popup. After rebuilding the stats in H2N the Popup shows player stats while the HUD doesn't.
    alt text
    alt text
    Any help would be appreciated since my friend who at least seems to be a H2N pro cannot help either.

  • Questions regarding a commercial HUD setup should be directed to HUD authors. If you've installed HUD package correctly and you have active license to use it, everything should work.
    To clarify, you did rebuild stats after installing the HUD package?

  • Hi,

    Was the HUD based on the GT-HUD stats? Or did your friend use his stats?

    Show an example description of one stat, for this move the mouse cursor over the stat and take a screenshot.

    alt text

  • Thank you very much for your quick answers.

    I will just c&p what my friend answered:

    "yes you rebuilded stats after installing HUD package, but it didnt give you an option to which HUDs/popups rebuilt the stats"

    "no my HUD is not based on GT-HUD stats, I used my HM3 HUD, asked H2N team to create the same HUD and thats the HUD I sent you
    on top I also created few more stats by myself into that HUD
    to my own stats in my HUD I connected GT-popups, rebuilt and its working"

    The screenshot you asked for:
    alt text

  • Hi, contact us on skype GT-Pack

    alt text

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