Popup on stats / Betsizings / Fold vs RAISES

  • Below is how I set up my "Fold vs x sizing" in the configurator.


    This works fine whenever it's a fold vs bet stat.

    But when it's a fold vs raise, or fold vs check-raise stat, it's wrong.

    Because it doesn't properly calculate the raise size in % if the pot.

    For instance: Villain checks|Player bets|Villain raises/Player folds

    Initial pot = 100
    Player bets = 50
    If Villain wants to make a 100% pot sized raise, he calls 50 and raises 200 on top, making it 250.

    But with this configuration a 100% pot sized raise = 150.

    This is no good, because obviously with way smaller raises the stat you get will imply that Player is underfolding, which isn't the case at all.

    How can I correct this ?

  • Pot size here is overall pot and it's calculated correctly, there is no way to change the pot calculation. If you need to specify the last raise, then you must select Prev. action in the settings on the right.

  • @ValS



    Just to get an example, this is supposed to be set up as a 100% pot sized raise, here's the 1st hand it gives me:


    A pot sized raise in this instance should be:
    Hero Raises to 9.21 bb = 100% x (5.3 + 1.3 + 1.3) + 1.3

    Instead of that, I get Hero Raises to 6.5, which is just 99-100% of (POT+BET).

  • @ValS
    Nevermind, I apologize. I've made a mistake, the results were just too weird for some reason.

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