Dynamic HUDs

  • Hi, I'm trying to implement a dynamic HUD using filters ("Show when player hits") and creating 4 filters


    For example, the PreflopVsAgg looks like this:


    the problem is that the filters you set don't always seem to work. for example in case Hero raises and two oppo call, the hud is displayed only for the first one

    do you have any suggestions for how to solve?

  • Sorry I can not help without looking it deeper.

    Please use this guide http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/HUDCustomization/

    You can order custom hud too

    We also offer private training on how to use H2N

  • What information do you need?

    I've already seen the suggested videos and the hud is already positional.

    the problem is on the filters added to display the statistics in function of the gameplay.

    as said, I have created 4 filters but they seem to work only partially.

    For example, in this hand

    ***** Hand History for Game 1627342029 *****
    € 200 EUR NL Hold'em - Sunday, March 14, 23:11:49 2021
    Table PP457089155 (Real Money)
    Seat 3 is the button
    Total number of Players: 5/5
    Seat 1: Player1 (€ 208.04 EUR)
    Seat 2: Player2 (€ 200 EUR)
    Seat 3: Player3 (€ 207.75 EUR)
    Seat 4: Player4 (€ 200 EUR)
    Seat 5: Player5 (€ 316.42 EUR)
    Player4 posts small blind [€ 1 EUR].
    Player5 posts big blind [€ 2 EUR].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to Player3 [Ah, Jh]
    Player1 folds
    Player2 folds
    Player3 raises [€ 4.75 EUR]
    Player4 calls [€ 3.75 EUR]
    Player5 calls [€ 2.75 EUR]
    ** Dealing Flop ** [Js, 6c, 9h]

    the filter I posted in the first post, works correctly for Player4, which is the first player calling the raise of Player3, but not for Player5

  • Global Moderator

    Before you start to create your own custom stats you should remember the following rules:

    • Player is always the one whose stat's value we are going to look in popups and HUD

    • Villian is always one of Player's opponents

    Please take a look at his guide:


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