RAM usage with Stat Building

  • The stat building process uses more and more RAM as time passes. For a large database the process will eventually run out of RAM and crash - it's not a case of if but when. Even if windows swap file (paging) were to be used, a crash is inevitable.

    Process ideally needs to use a finite amount of RAM and save stats to the postgres DB at regular intervals in order to clear the RAM cache and prevent crashing.

    With current setup it's basically impossible to build stats for databases over a certain size.

  • This will be fixed in Hand2Note 4. We are working on it actively. There is no any ETA right now.

    For now only can suggest not to keep it very big and to do occasionally some maintenance in PgAdmin

    You may do maintenance using PgAdmin, which is distributed with Hand2Note and may be started in Hand2Note/pgsql/bin/pgAdmin3.exe


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