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    when I played poker with the hud open my hands were saved normal, but I have been playing for ten days without using h2n, so now I went to open here and my hands were not saved, for example the net won remains the same as before so this is it i can only play with the hud open to save my hands and analyze my game?

    if yes here in the room where i play do not save hands, then those ten days i lost to analyze my game?

  • What room are you playing on? Have you used other trackers during time you have not used hand2note?If yes, probably your HHs were moved by those.

    To save hands in hand2note you can run it during your game. Or import hands manually afterwards if hand2note did not do it automatically, in case you don't need H2N HUD during the game.

    For autoimport settings please check this:

    For manual import make sure your room is saving handhistories. Check settings. See the examples from setting rooms autoimport article.
    Like this:0_1616363876858_upload-9c445a40-183e-4b8f-98f3-79829e884919

    What site are you playing on and what format? Show your room client settings and hand2note settings

  • Hi, if you have played with another tracker, then try importing hands from the archive folder.

    alt text

  • thx u all
    I play cashgame on pokerstars and only use hand2note
    i set up pokerstars not to save hands so if i set up now to save hands i will be able to play without hand2note (because i don't always want to) and then import my hands or will i always have to play with open hud?

  • <<<so if i set up now to save hands i will be able to play without hand2note

    Yes and later you can import these hands to analyze your game.

    You can also turn off your HUD if you want

    2nd and 3rd methods will require to rebuild stats

  • thx
    and in this case h2n recognizes that it is the same player so if i play 5 days with h2n and 5 without it, but import the hands of pokerstars, it updates as a single player for example my net won will be added to the one that will already have it or not?

  • It will be calculated and added to your results.

  • thx a lot

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