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  • Hi, I purchased the MTT-SNG adv hud from
    and decided to make some customs adjustments by making a clone of the HUD

    Here is what I made - I just added some text and add/remove some stats I did not need.



    Example is BB OOP vs BTN

    Howver in game it looks like this :


    Any idea, what mistake I have done so that the text is duplicated like this ?


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    Please take a look at this guide:

    Please note that Positional and Dynamic HUD is not allowed on PokerStars:

  • hi, I did read the tutorial before posting a topic here.


    Display conditiosn of text (see below ) added seems not modifiable. I would assume this stats only display when nb of hands >5000Hs, like other stats of this part.

    Text added below (row )


    Can someone point me in the right direction, please. I need a specific answer to get on the right path.

    Thanks in advance

  • Please set display conditions for abbreviations as well like for stats. Seems that you forgot to put display conditions for stat abbreviations.

    Your stats display conditions differ from the developer. There are probably multiple display conditions set, not only for amount of hands but maybe positions, actions, stack sizes and etc .So if they are not met then HUD might work not correctly.
    Display conditions are locked by the Hud developer. Please contact your Hud developer.

  • Hi,

    Private HUD

    alt text

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