Separating samplesize

  • Hi, I've made stat which should show cbet frequency both 3way and hu. And I'm using it in two hud profiles. So the stat show correct number 3way, but when hud switches for HU it loses all sample size and start gathering it again. How to make H2N not separate samplesize from HU and 3way while switching to another hud profile? Thank you in advance.

  • Not sure that understood you correctly. But you can change your game type to 2-10 players.

  • I have two hudprofiles for spin&gos, one for 3way and one for hu. I need tham to switch automatically while calculating both in same gametype. How to accomplish that? If I do just change number of players for 2-10 it calculates correct but stops switching. If I set two gametypes it starts switching but also starts separating samples (I need it to be calculated all together).

  • There is no way to do it. If you need to switch game types - hands will be separated to different game types

  • Is there anyway to automatically switch huds (when HU starts) without switching gametypes?

  • you can try to use "HOT KEY HUD" feature
    So add a 2nd HUD using this feature and switch through them using hot key.

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