Dynamic HUD on Winamax doesn't work, seems h2n can't see who's hero

  • Hi!
    Tried and tested a lot of things: put in hero in nicknames (and remove), changed time zone, reset game types with new database, auto-import directory set or without it.
    Re-installed winamax with a new installer downloaded.
    Enable auto HUD is on, hand history converter is on,

    Dynamic HUD panels doesn't show anyway (example: Hero is BB vs SB villain would see those BvB stats, but that panel doesn't appear)
    It seems h2n doesn't really recognize who the hero is, because Hero's panels (which are not dynamic) is always there on the table too, so there are no BvB panel anytime there.
    Seems in the replayer the panels are there, but still the hero panel is there too (the hero hud is turned off anyway, in other rooms this particular hud is working perfectly fine)
    Tried to write in hero name at 'unrecognized' room to, tried to delete it from everywhere, no luck.

    Is there any configuration file where I can put the winamax hero name in, or what should delete so next time it can try to auto-recognize it?

    Fun fact: while trying out some stuff, the HUD appeared with good dynamic panels on a hand history Txt file opened in a notepad for some reason.

  • Please reproduce the problem, record logs and send to us http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/ProvidingLogs/

  • Hi, have you tried running HUD on another PC?

    alt text

  • Hey i have the same problem, dynamic hud not work..

    static hud while working perfectly fine on pokerstars on winamax showing HUD panels also for hero... i tried everything and no luck


    dynamic hud start to show good panels when i turn on option : HIDE HUD IF NO HERO AT THE TABLE

    still dynamic options not working correctly

  • Right now there is couple issues with dynamic hud in Winamax. Our development team already investigates them.

  • Hello !
    I have the same problem on winamax and I am using the static HUD.
    I just reinstalled my windows and reinstalled h2n and I am using the same HUD I was using before and had not problems then.
    My hud is showing all time stats on the Hero . I tried everything and I dont know what else to do .I also tried to install and test on my laptop and have the same issue .

  • Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

    Thank you for reporting it. Probably it is a bug, multiple users already have reported it during past week.

    We have sent this issue to the developers.

  • Only on break on MTTs it shows it correctly.Only then it recognizes the Hero.

  • Any update?

  • It is still under investigation.

  • any update?

  • No news on the issue yet. The issue is on the H2N module side, so most likely it will require an update for H2N.

  • ..........

  • come on ! almost one month and still same problems , no updates ,cant use my static hud yet..and hand2note is the most expensive software on the market ..

  • As a temporary solution , please try the following:

    1. Open a task manager:

    Find there Hand2Note Process and try to stop manually Winamax module

    1. Open Hand2Note Installation folder after it "external" folder, then "x64" folder and please run manualy as an administrator file named "h2nwinamax.exe"

    It might fix Hero problem.

  • Thanks ! It worked !
    But I have problems with the hud on pokerstars also when I am using sharkscope desktop .All my h2note stats are gone and it shows like this to some players in sharkscope desktop hud position : https://gyazo.com/abbd1e9101c95b36f872c5dc232176cf
    do you have any idea what the problem is ?
    I am using aurora on stars

  • Sorry i do not know.

    Try this:

    1. Please install all the latest windows updates

    2. Turn off or uninstall your antivirus if you have one

    3. Add room folder and hand2note folder, sharkscope folder to the windows exclusions https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security-811816c0-4dfd-af4a-47e4-c301afe13b26

    4. Restart

    5. Launch Hand2Note, sharkscope and your room as an administrator

    6. Sit down and play few hands

    If Hand2Note HUD is working fine without sharkscope try to contact for tips Sharkscope support, maybe they have some ideas to fix that

  • After yesterday's update, the hands doesnt add to the database, and effective stacks doesnt always detected correctly... please correct it ASAP

  • We are working on the fix already

  • This post is deleted!

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