VPIP not the same in stats an main menu

  • Why do i see different values for VPIP ​​in menu menu and popup stats?

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  • Maybe this involves H2N's data statistics method, I'm not sure. Looking forward to a professional reply

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    Please make sure you have updated Hand2Note up to the latest version and try to rebuild your statistics:


  • Hi,

    Do you play cash games or tournaments?

    alt text

  • I played some SnG Tournaments to test H2N.
    No cash game.

    H2N is up to date (
    Stats were cleared and rebuilt.

  • Try to reinstall H2N with this manual and check with default configm don't restore your own config. http://www.hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/Reinstallation/

  • I have this same issue and followed the recommended steps. After following those steps, the VPIP values changed, however, the value on the Stats page still do match the values on the popup HUD page, although they are closer. What other steps can I take to resolve this issue? I believe some of the other stats are incorrect as well, as they don't match values I have in another database (PT4). In fact, after reinstalling H2N, I noticed a few other values change, such as 3 Bet %.

    Also, the PFR stat on the Stat page doesn't match the Popup HUD value either. For both VPIP and PFR, I'm using the prebuilt options for these stats in my Popup HUD.

    What other steps can be taken to correct this?

  • On the main Hand2Note window stats are shown together for all game types for a player.

    If you want your HUD to match them:

    Open Hand2Note->Configuration-> game type settings and reset settings to the default ones

    a) If you play cash games

    1. Delete HU profile

    2. In NL CASH 3-10 MAX
      Change Players in Hand from 3 to 2

    Save and rebuild statistics

    b) for MTTs

    1. Delete TOURNEY HU profile

    2. In profile "TOURNEY 3-10 MAX"
      Change Players in Hand from 3 to 2

    Save and rebuild statistics

  • Hello,

    I've made these adjustments, but the values still don't match. Many of the players differ by significant amounts too. For example, one player shows 30/24 for VPIP/PFR on the Stat page, but 23/16 on the Popup hud.

  • Can you show some examples like stat values in the main window and how stats look in popups.

    Possibly it could be because of versus hero stats turned on for you.

    Also please show screenshot of your your main game type setting in Hand2Note.

  • Stats with underscore are versus Hero stats.

    What you can do if you wanna keep them is to set up for this setting a large number:


    So then on the left side you will have an original value of stats and on the right in curly brackets you will see same stat value versus hero.

    Here is an example:

    After it you can test it out and see if it still differs from Hand2Note main window.

  • @Assistant Perfect! Thank you very much!

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