Report issue with Winamax Expressos

  • Hi,

    So I've had that problem with Hand2Note's reports since the last Winamax update, which occurred on May 19th: the reports display aberrant values in the Net Won column. For example, yesterday I played a few 100 euro games and lost 400 euros, but H2N tells me my losses amounted to only 68 euros, which is not even technically possible.

    I can't keep track of my results anymore, and it also leads me to question whether the values displayed in the other columns of the reports are even correct...

    What's happening ?

  • Do you play tournaments? Winnings in tournaments on Winamax may not be displayed correctly at the moment

  • @Arts Yes, Winamax's Spin'n Gos are called Expressos and that's what I play.
    Are you saying this is an issue that's occurring across all tournament formats on Winamax?

  • That's right, tournaments are not supported.

    alt text

  • Ok, so when can I expect to see the issue resolved?

  • There is no ETA yet

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