poker bros hud

  • hi do I have to have any convertor to have h2n hud at poker bros? Because I tried that and hud didnt appear. Any ideas?

  • No, you don't need converter. You need to use LDplayer4 or Nox player for PokerBros, latest Hand2Note version and Asia or Pro add-on active.

  • I have all of this and hud doesnt appear

  • At the moment, Hand2Note supports PokerBros on NOX (Android 5) or LDPlayer4 (with the ADB option enabled):


    Please try to add Hand2Note and LDPlayer/NOX to the Windows Defender exclusion and disable/remove your antivirus.

    You should add the whole folder of Hand2Note and LDplayer/NOX to the exclusions.

    Please install all the latest windows updates for your pc.

    Restart your pc and make sure that you run Hand2Note and LdPlayer/NOX as an administrator

    Open Hand2Note

    Create new emulator

    Install poker app

    Restart emulator

    Wait 1 minute

    Launch Poker app

  • restricted Tables on Pokerbros.
    Is there an option build in hand2note that one can sit on the PC restricted tables on pokerbros?

  • There is no such option

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