aggression frequency

  • Hi whats the formula for expression stat aggression frequency overall? I mean Flop+Turn+River...

    Here is Just for flop but I dont know how to get F+T+R

    Cases(Flop Raise or Bet)/Cases(Flop Any Action) * 100

  • You can combine the aggression frequency for a specific street with aggression total stat template and get your total aggression frequency. Sum of Raise or bet for all streets / sum of Any action for all streets

  • I am not sure if I get it... can you write the formula here please?

  • Hello,

    Here it is

    (Cases(flop raise or bet) + Cases(turn raise or bet) + Cases(river raise or bet))/(Cases(flop any action) + Cases(turn any action) + Cases(river any action))*100

  • sadly it doesnt work


    The object reference is not set to an object instance

  • Try this one Please
    (Cases(Flop Raise or Bet) + Cases(Turn Raise or Bet) + Cases(River Raise or Bet) ) / (Cases(flop call) + Cases(turn call) + Cases(river call)) * 100

    It might not work if you do not have specific stats try to search for stats in stats editor and to replace the ones that you are missing with the available stats or stats from your pack.

  • I have default config file. And this second works thank you! :)

  • hmmm but this one shows this for every player... heh


  • Sorry, it should be like this

    (Cases(Flop Raise or Bet) + Cases(Turn Raise or Bet) + Cases(River Raise or Bet) ) / (Cases(Flop Any Action) + Cases(Turn Any Action) + Cases(River Any Action)) * 100

  • thank you now it seems to be allright :)

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