Preflop Diagram for players who limp

  • Hi I would like to build preflop diagrams of players who limp but I noticed that these preflop diagrams are the same as those showing the cards of players who raise for the first time RFI, how can I work around this problem?


    By default, hands in preflop diagram are separated in two actions: base action and alternative action. Both actions are present in the diagram by default and you can tell them apart by color. Green - for Raise action (Base action for Raise stats and alternative action for Call stats), and Blue - for Call action (Base action for Call stats and alternative action for Raise stats).

    For example, Limp is an alternative action for Open Raise stat, and 4Bet is an alternative action for Call 3Bet stat.

    Alternative action hands are not counted in statistics for this stat, they are simply displayed in the matrix for a more complete understanding of how the opponent builds his ranges. You can turn off the display of these hands in Configuration → Preflop Diagram:

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