Show stats for heads up pots only

  • I want to display stats in a popup report that shows things like WWSF and W$SD but only for pots that went heads up to the flop.

    I can make stats for heads up only with the stat editor and I can get WWSF etc using the Expression stats but can't get both at the same time so can't display WWSF for heads up pots.

    How can I do this?

  • Use simple stats for HU in your Expression stats.

  • @Arts where can I find WWSF, AGG%, AF and W$SD in 'simple stats' I'm looking but I don't see them anywhere or see a way to add them

    I can find them in Expression stats but then there's no way i can see to filter for Heads Up

    1. Create simple stats for HU with this manual: For example name of this stat will be FlopanyactionHU.
    2. Create Expression stat with created simple stat:
      For example WWSF in your case will be WonHandCases(FlopanyactionHU) / Cases(FlopanyactionHU) * 100

  • @Arts Thanks but now I have a heads up stat that isn't WWSF and a WWSF stat that isn't heads up. How do I now combine them so i have 1 stat that's WWSF when the flop is heads up that I can get in a popup?

  • You need to create a pain stat specifically for HU and then use this stat's name in the WWSF formula to create your WWSF HU stat.
    For example WonHandCases(Flop Any Action HU) / Cases(Flop Any Action HU) * 100
    Where "Flop Any Action HU" is the name for your newly created HU-specific plain stat

  • @ValS ohhh that makes sense, yeah the previous comment did say that I just misunderstood it, ok

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