Range reserach on specific board textures?

  • Hi!
    I wanna do a range research to se how the pool is playing a specific type of board. I tried to build a "board stat" and use that in the expression but I dont really know how to use it correctly. There are very little instructions out there?

    I tried the expression: Cases(Board j54r) = 1

    Where "Board j54r" is a stat that I did build. Thinking that I could give an true expression for that floptexture to build the report. But i dosent work.

    How can I do it?



  • At first you have to create needed board stats. You can do this with Mass clone option by clicking the right mouse button in the border of HUD Table and choosing option Mass clone . After this you have to set specific board and add some suffix .

    After creating new filters you can build report in Range Research without any additional expressions.

    Remember, that you need to rebuild statistic after creating new stats.

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