Hotkey hud doesn't work and doesn't disappear on PS

  • I used dynamic hud on ps with hotkey. Since a week it hasn't been working correctly, hud doesn't disappear after players or hero folded and when i use the hotkey its throwing every hud windows to the table.

    I tried to downgrade ps and h2n too but the problems are the same. I use both with the newest version.

    Any idea?

  • Global Moderator

    Please try to reinstall your PokerStars client and make sure you have updated Hand2Note up to the latest version

    Run Hand2Note first and then PokerStars client as administrator

  • I tried both but the problems are still there.

  • @keepcalm I started the ps updater in the main folder as an administrator and now the hud is working, problem is solved.

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