HUD position not working again at IPoker

  • The recent update fixed the HUD positioning issues, but it seems to be broken again. HUD panels are incorrectly placed when multiple tables are open, and H2N is incorrectly detecting seating positions

  • Try this steps:

    Please close Hand2Note and remove the file or that is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Config by default. After that open Hand2Note, sit at one table and wait for HUD to adjust automatically. After that you can move the panels to where you need them by holding right-click on the panel and dragging it.

    Don’t open more than one table when arranging HUD for the first time.Please note that your HUD consists of many different tables with different display conditions, then you need to place all these tables (as they appear) in the correct places by mouse. Only after that, they will appear where it is necessary.

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