Disable H2N bodog import

  • Hi guys, so it looks like H2N now auto catches bodog HHs without the need for the outside software (ICC) but it doesnt function properly.

    Its not tracking hands into the db/graph, and most of the hands that occur dont compile into the hud either.

    If I use ICC then I get two hands (one with player names starting with A and the original ICC names starting with P (A1, P1 etc)

    Is it possible to disable the auto catching so only the ICC converted hud and hands are tracked? Its the one that performs correctly.


  • We don't support Bodog network

  • well your most recent update most certainly is tracking ignition and putting up a hud to some extent, purposely or not

  • Yes, Bovada\Bodog\Ignition support was added in one of the recent updates. It should work now without the need for hand converter, however it's currenty still in beta, so there may be some issues with it.
    If you need to continue playing with converter, here are a few ways you can disable HUD in Hand2Note: https://hand2note.com/Help/pages/HUDFaq/#how-to-disable-hud

  • @ValS thank you!

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