h2n didn't count my play hand right

  • on my pt4, i play 34 hand actually.but my h2n was missing the hand that ony show 14 hand.
    how can i fix it , please help , thx


  • This happens most likely because you are using same time PT4 and hand2note. PT4 might import hands and put them into the archive folder same time when Hand2Note tries to import them.

    Please configure autoimport on PT4 turn of creating archive of Hands or just do not launch these 2 trackers together.

    Please update Hand2Note up to the latest version and make sure again you have configured Autoimport correctly (sometimes settings get lost after updating):


  • right now i just use H2n but the hand play still not count right.
    i set up my H2n auto import folders in
    C:\Users\pro\AppData\Local\Ignition Casino
    but i can't find handhistory folder there ?
    i play at ignition, should i set up my igniton casino to pokerstar local? or ipoker local ?
    my H2n is uptoday.


  • Hand2Note does not require setting up auto import folders for ignition.

    If hands are missing please record logs and send them to us. There might be some errors because rooms support is a bit "Raw" and has been released only recently.

    But we want to improve that and make it stable. So we do need logs


  • after i set both location like this, every thing go right
    thx for help!

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