Limp-fold stat not working

  • Hello guys,

    I think the limp-fold stat is not working. I duplicated the original H2N stat and deleted positions, just want to have a general limp-fold stat from all positions. But I receive always -- ... Test is working properly, but on the tables always -- ... Could you please check?


  • 0_1630324705123_upload-cbd5357e-207e-4a1e-b66a-8475c848b13b


  • Maybe you just forgot to rebuild statistics ?

    When is rebuilding required?
    After any changes to stats in HUD or popup
    When switching HUD and Popup profile or any other changes in game types settings (Settings → Game Types)
    When changing the timezone shift (Settings → Rooms)
    When changing the main currency (Settings → Other options → Currency)
    You don't need to rebuild the stats after manual hands import. Hand2Note will build all the needed stats automatically right after import.

  • Solved :) i just copied Limp-fold stat from the pop-up and now it's working

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