Party Poker imported HH tracking problems

  • Hello,
    Hands I import from PP's My Game don't show up correctly in my H2N. Sessions I played don't show up at the 'Sessions' section at all, then in the 'Reports' most of my stats are incorrect or not showing.
    For example: In 'Results' the number of Tournaments is usually less then the number I actually played, Net Won/Prizes/Buyins = $0 and ROI = -100 (please see image)
    0_1630336745094_PP tracking results.PNG
    In 'Last Tournaments' Net Won =$0 because tournament BI = $0
    0_1630336971099_PP tracking last t.PNG
    In 'Buyins' no stats available / in 'Graphs' no graph available either..

    If it helps I can also provide the HH .txt file I used for the sample above.

    First I thought it could be a problem at Party's side, so I contacted them, but this is what they answered:
    0_1630337314724_pp cs.PNG

    Can you help me to solve this issue please?

    Many thanks

  • Global Moderator

    Unfortunately, Hand2Note doesn't support PartyPoker Network since June 2019, due to PartyPoker has eliminated hand histories during the game:

    At the moment you can still import hands manually but winnings and EV may be incorrect.

    Perhaps, we will be able to fix it in the future.
    But we have not yet any additional information about the terms.

  • @keepcalm Thank you

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