Hand2note not working after switching huds stars Ger

  • Hand2note does not work for a few days,
    The small h2n symbol appears on at max 2 tables and you can klick it and choose everything, buzt it does not work.
    The problem occurs after I changed my HUd between "default" and my custom hud.
    Now there is only a samll hud for myself with an empty field which delivers handhistory then my screenname and at least my Stack in bbs. I am playing on stars with the latest version in germany if is important. I already reinstalled h2n.
    Sometimes all of a sudden my custom hud works for a while when I open only one table. What can I do to reestablish correct working hud ?

  • Hello,

    Seems you are having some kind of problem with game types settings.

    Please try the following http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/HUDIsNotBeingUpdated/

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