i wanted to buy ur product but it doesnt work

  • i just wanted you to inform that i tried ur product for 15 days now, it worked 12 days long, but since than it stopped tracking stats, hud and all working just fine,i really liked it but sadly it stopped after 8716 cards. i repaierd, i reinstalled but it still didnt go further.

    for me, i only play one year of poker, it was the first product i ever tried, but i honestly dont want a product that doesnt work. and i also dont want to do any reinstalls etc, i dont want waste money to a product that doesnt work the way it should.

    im a bit sad, because out of all the products hand2note was the one i really wanted to try. but there are enough others out there.

    i wish u all a good evening. but fix ur program

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    What poker room do you play at?

  • im playing at pokerstars, eu

    edit: i just deinstalled it, and reinstalled, staring the program and its still stuck at 8716, cleared stats, build stats again, nothing works, the program is complete frozen

  • Currently there are no problems like this. Probably you are using older version of Hand2Note or not all updates were installed.

    Please reinstall Hand2Note using this guide http://hand2note.com/Help/pages/Troubleshooting/Reinstallation/

    Step 2 save your settings (The following folders Config,Notes,MarkedHands)You can skip database deletion.

    if you have not reinstall PS client reinstall it please too.

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