Mixing Pokerstars clients bug

  • Hi,
    Since last PS updates H2N has been a mess tbh.

    I play on PS.EU and PS.ES at the same time,

    First I figured I had to change the auto import folders for both rooms in H2N, which I did.

    On PS.EU HUD works fine, but when a new table pop ups the HUD doesnt start, I have to close H2N and reopen, then I have huds on all tables on PS.EU.

    When I only start PS.ES, I have the HUD running but import is bugged as you know :
    Doesnt show any amounts.

    When I play PS.EU and PS.ES at the same time, fine for PS.EU (with restarting H2N sometimes to have hud on all tables), but NO HUD on PS.ES now.

    I hope we have a fix soon please,


  • We're working on fixing PS issues asap

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