Stat Issue

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to create the following stat: CO open, BTN 3b, SB fold, BB fold, CO call.

    In the Stats Editor, I have the following:

    Player Raises - Position = CO, First non-fold action on street, Stack size Min = 80bbs.

    Villain Raises - Position = BTN

    Villain Folds - Position = SB

    Villain Folds - Position = BB

    Player Calls - Position = CO

    When I test this stat, all of the hands I check seem to come back perfectly. However, once I add this stat into a Popup, and check the stat values, the stat values are not even close to what I would expect.

    Do you see anything that I should change about this stat? I suspect that I'm missing something simple here.


  • Please open popup editor and see how stats from default package were built. You can open PokerMaster Default Popup

    You can also find stats fold to 3bet which was Ip too . Right click stat and press edit


  • I've already tried to compare this stat setup to others, but I'm not seeing what's going wrong with this one. I'm not sure how the testing feature can produce hands that fit the criteria, but the popup view is returning incorrect results.

    Any ideas? Of course I can continue to try to solve this myself, but I've reached the point where I need assistance.

  • The only thing I've found is that by not defining that that the SB and BB fold, the stats appear to return reasonable results. However, I'm not sure why providing a more specific query would produce different results. Certainly I'm overlooking the functionality of this query builder.

  • You do not need to point out that SB and BB fold.

    You can use stats in a package i posted earlier they are correct , just modify them slightly.

    In case if you need some extra help you can try to contact here

  • Sure, but any idea why it causes a problem by defining those positions as folding? I’m assuming that by not defining them as folds, this should impact the results as those positions could now either call or raise themselves?

  • If stat value in popup is different from what you'd expect, and it doesn't return all of the hands from Test in stat editor, the issue could be in your selected game type or in other options in the stat.

  • I’ve confirmed that I have the game type is correct, and all other options in the stat are set as the defaults. Scrolling through the other options, I’m not seeing anything that would make sense to change.

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