Stars Caption and HUD

  • Why does the H2N HUD appear when Stars Caption is running, but not without? All settings in H2N match the instruction manual.

  • Global Moderator

    Hand2Note should work on supported rooms without any third-party software.

    Please update Hand2Note up to the latest version (also make sure you have disabled the "Disable rooms compatibilty auto updates" option in Configuration-> HUD) and make sure again you have configured Autoimport correctly (sometimes settings get lost after updating):

    If it doesn't help, please close Hand2Note and reinstall your poker room client. After that run Hand2Note first and then run your room as administrator.

  • Updated the version and followed all other procedures listed and this still isn't working. Anything else I can try?

  • Please make the following screenshots:

    1.Hand2Note Configuration -> Autoimport settings

    2.PokerStars Hand history settings and tournament summaries settings if you are playing tournaments.

    1. Hand2Note Configuration-> HUD settings first part
    2. Your PS build version

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