Stats now showing when there is no hero.

  • Hey guys,

    I would like to know if is possible to watch a table with all players stats when i'm not in the table. (see people stat's as a viewer)



  • Hello!

    It is impossible to see people stat's as a viewer.

  • Do you have plans for make it happen? Both Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager allow it.

  • Handhistory is not stored if you are not seated, so HM/PT/H2N couldn't show HUD on such table.

  • When you are watching a tournament table, if you have sample of the opponents, holdem manager/pt4 will load the players stats. You won't see the live stats of this specific table, but you are able to load the stats that you saw in the past.
    This is 100% guarantee. Just go to HUD settings and look for the "live tracking".

    I'm not asking something to datamining , but watch a table and be able to see everyone stats would be nice.

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