Issue with HUD alignment of text next to a positional stat

  • I want to create positional table stats much like seen in the professional HUDs in the store. I cannot find a layout that allows to have a simple table layout of
    name: stat
    name2: stat2
    name3: stat3 etc
    My hud editor looks like
    Name: | Stat (sb v btn)
    (empty)| Stat (bb v btn)
    (empty)| Stat (Sb v MP) etc
    Name2: | Stat2 (sb v btn)
    (empty)| Stat2 (bb v btn)
    (empty)| Stat2 (Sb v MP) etc

    I am using Table Option Display as table in Hud although it doesnt seem to matter if I use it or not. Please help, how does one get positional stats to line up next to a text description of the stat.

    Thank you.

  • Please show you problem on a screenshot.

  • alt text

    No matter how I position the layout, I cannot get the SQZ text next to the SQZ stat. This goes for when I have many positional stats or just the two IP/OOP like in this example.

  • This option must resolve the problem :
    alt text

    If problem still occurs, please archive the H2N folder and send us by email and specify what HUD we have to check.

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