Can't import Hands

  • I want to use Hand2note for Micro stakes after the 30 day trial (zoom tables, full tilt software)
    When i open up the software and i choose the folder with my existing hands, it seems that the h2n does not recognise the files as hands. I click ok in the right folder and nothing happens.

    I did:
    Choose the folders multiple times
    tried to create new folders with copies of the hands
    tried to import single txt files
    build new databases
    reinstalled the software
    reinstalled framework

    and i have still the same problem

    Note: I am fully aware that i wont get a hud on the zoomtables without additional software. I would like to use h2n for analysis only at the time.

    Please help

  • Please, archive the Hand2Note folder and hands, which you are trying to import, and send us by email to with link of your forum message.

    You can use H2N on Zoom tables with free version of Starshelper . Just enter license key timebank .

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