Are ALL usable H2N features permitted by PokerStars?

  • Hey there!

    Due to the recent happenings amongst regulars using hand2note I would like to request an official stance regarding the features offered by hand2note on the PokerStars Platform.

    During the previous few months I have been hearing multiple players being temporarily banned on PokerStars due to "security reasons". Most of these players were using H2N in conjunction with other poker software. They were asked to make a video of their play and send the footage to the pokerstars security team. After they did so some of them were banned while others were unbanned.

    Since I use H2N on a regular basis this understandably provokes multiple questions regarding the compatibility of H2N with Pokerstars. My PS account is really dear to me and I am really protective of it. I never had any problem with PS and I would like to keep that this way.

    So here are my questions regarding H2N and PokerStars:

    What is the official stance stated by PokerStars regarding Hand2Notes newest version? Are ALL of Hand2Notes features usable while playing on pokerstars with H2Ns newest version? Namely:

    • Are the "chart" functions of H2N usable while playing on PokerStars? (displayable pre-set range charts during play)
    • Are the available "Dynamic hud" functions in H2N usable while playing on pokerstars (based on eff. stacksize/position/hand count/etc.)?

    Any other "permitted/not permitted" facts will be useful also for me but also for any other Hand 2 Note user who plays on PokerStars. Please be as descriptive as possible since this is a really important topic for most of us.

    Thank you.

  • administrators

    Hand2Note is completely compatible with PokerStars rules and is in the list of allowed third party tools on PokerStars.

    Could you, please, provide more information regarding this issue and any evidence that people were banned for using Hand2Note?

    What do you mean by "charts" function and do you use any modifications of Hand2Note (patches, *.dlls or other tools which are connected to Hand2Note in some way)?

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