How to add simple note?

  • Hi,

    I'm confused ;) How can I make just a simple note. You know, like in HoldemManager just click on the topleft corner in HUD and write "3bet/shove A7s BBvsSB 45bb"

    Another question is how I can find the stat where I made a note?

    I can see in HUD that there is some note, but I don't remember wheren I made it. Why it doesn't show where it is?

  • Hello!

    You can add a note, assigned to a certain stat, in automatic popup, which opens when you hover over the stat. After that you can find a written note in this automatic popup:
    alt text

    Also you can write simple notes:

    1. Create a new popup in Popup Editor.

    2. Insert Note Groups and rename them
      alt text

    3. Assign this popup to a stat in the HUD
      alt text

    4. After you write some note you will see it at the note icon
      alt text

    5. If you don't have a note icon in your HUD, you can add it in HUD Editor:
      alt text

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