Mass apply vs Mass replace

  • Hello !
    I don't see the difference between mass apply and mass replace. In both case it replaces every options.
    I'd like to select a group of stats, and apply 1 extra option without modifying the others. But I can't figure out how. It's quite annoying as this would save so much time.


  • You are wrong here.

    Mass apply
    Does replace every option with the new selection

    Mass replace
    Does replace only the selected option

    So what u are searching for is Mass Replace, if this is not working ure probably messing up since it works perfect for me, or a bug.

  • Hi thanks for your answer !
    Indeed I was wrong, thinking it was the opposite.
    Though mass replace doesn't work for every option.
    Like choosing "Preflop" "Flop" ...
    Or for changing "Players's preflop action".

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