7 reasons why H2N it's still not the best poker tool, 3rd will make you cry

    1. Not having the evbb/100 alt text
    2. There is not a feature like this which can avoid the Pokerstars restrictions
      alt text
    3. You can't minimize to the tray alt text
    4. There isn't a stat like AVG Stack
      alt text
    5. You can't see the Equity in the Replayer/Live Replayer
    6. You can't see the Mucked Cards at the end of the hand in a comfortable way
    7. Not having a powerful feature like this:
      alt text

  • agree, 3rd point is a must

  • 100% agree.

  • Agree on everything.

  • sure h2n is not perfect, but it is by far the best tracker on the market.

    alone the dynamic feature is amazing and takes h2n to another level. but its only amazing if you know how to use it. ;)
    the fact that another company's bring a new tracker without the dynamic feature like holdem manager 3(as far as i know) is a ko criteria, because its to powerful.

    btw. half of your points you can do by yourself with the popup editor/hud editor like the "won at sd xx" (make your own standard popup). thats why h2n is so powerful, you can do almost everything with the given tools, and that in a dynamic way. yes, the ev/100 in the graph would be nice, but is a small thing that nobody needs really.

    the only 2 explanations for me why you have this opinion:

    1. you dont know how to use the amazing possibilities of h2n
    2. you are not objective for whatever reasons

  • @thecollector

    I wrote that thread almost 1year ago

    #1, 3, 4, 7 can't be done yet

    Don't talk shit about dynamic or whatever I just proposed cool features and they listened me at #2, 5 and 6, so you are enjoying cool features thanks to constructive threads like this
    So instead of writing that *^r#@~w message you could try to help to improve the program as I do

    I won't reply anymore here as my time is valuable

    kind regards

  • like i wrote 7 for example can be done by yourself. if you are not able to do it its not the fault of the program. i have that stats.

    so the only one how is talking shit is you.

    and no you dont helping to make the program better, if you are writing provocative shit about which tool is not the best in your headline, especially not if the statement is objectively wrong. your headline cant be more wrong, obviously my post relates to that.

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