Custom stat tests fine but doesn't work in popup

  • Hello,

    I made a custom stat for SB fold. I used the following filters:

    -5-6 players preflop
    -Position = SB
    -First non-fold action on street
    -stack size 80-200bb
    -Is NOT Hero

    When I click the Test button, I get a bunch of HH to come up and when I replay them they are all valid hands where SB open folds when folded to. However, when I add the stat to the def. NL Cash popup, it doesn't work and just shows a horizontal line instead of a stat. I am trying to look at the popup in Range Research. All the other default built-in stats are working but this is the third custom stat I have tried to build that doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

  • Global Moderator

    You need to rebuild statistics after you add a new stat to Popups:

    alt text

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