HUD problem in MTTs (not SNGs) on 888poker

  • Hi all,

    Its not possible to put HUD in correct spots on 888Poker.

    Problem doesn't happen in Sitngo tournaments (maybe thats where you test HUD displaying and locations when changed) but in Multi table tournaments and PLAYING MORE THAN 1 MTT AT A TIME.

    When moving HUD to right sport H2N also moves HUD from other table where it has correct location. All together it is almost impossible to use HUD for 888 poker for MTTs at the moment (any chance to hide HUD if I want while you solve this issue?).
    All inital settings are correct with case sensitive screenname etc.
    Other sites like pokerstars, partypoker are working correctly!!!
    Please come up with decent solution of this bug.

  • Global Moderator

    Please, provide us with the additional information.

    1. Enable logging in Configuration -> Other Options -> Logging
    2. Reproduce the problem.
    3. Make screenshots where we can see the problem. Titles of the tables and local time in your PC should be visible on screenshots.
    4. Archive folder with Hand2Note and send us together with screenshot on email with the link to your message on the forum.

    You can use any convenient file sharing service, for example,, if the file exceeds 15MB

  • Do you have already a sulution? HUD is wrong for exactly 1 Position to the left .

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