Hide hud if player folded not working on ipoker/888

  • Hi guys, this feature is working fine on stars. however it is not working on ipoker (winner poker skin) and 888.

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    Enter your nickname in Configuration -> Rooms ->Pasific (and Configuration -> Rooms -> Ipoker) and then click Save.

    Your nickname should look like exactly the same as at the tables, taking into account the upper and lower registers.

    For example, if your nickname in the room is MyNickName, the poker client allows you to log in under the names
    mynickname, Mynickname, MyNickname, MYNICKNAME etc.
    In order to get everything working properly, you need to enter your login exactly in the register as it is displayed at the tables,
    in this case, MyNickName.

  • everything was properly written down

  • Global Moderator

    The issue is under investigation in our development department.

    Currently you can use 888Caption2 on 888 and iPoker Tools on iPoker Network to solve this problem.

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