Where is the documentation?

  • How do you guys release a product and charge a high monthly fee for it but provide no documentation and very poor support? I cannot find a manual on how to write expressions for Range Research. Actually, I cannot find any useful documentation on Hand2Note anywhere. The "Help" pages on your website are basically glorified advertisement and are not useful. I have already referred a handful of players to purchase Hand2Note edge and they are all having problems. I cannot continue to recommend this product or pay for it if you guys aren't gonna provide some level of documentation on how to use this thing.

    The only way to get help is to post in these forums and wait for days hoping to get a response. From what I've seen, most of the responses from H2N staff tend to be something like "currently there is no way to do that".

    If you guys really want to have any reasonable market share in the HUD and database market you need to get useful documentation out and actual support.

  • Totally agree! I guess we Need to learn russian :D

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    Thank you for your comments. Our team is constantly working on improving the product including documentation. Recently, the manual has been drastically refined and replenished with new video. We will continue to improve it constantly in the future.

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