What i miss in H2N

  • I haven´t looked at all threads but there are some essential Features i miss. I still have to use HM2/PT4 too. But im sure you will change that soon ;)

    1. Marking hands system is really poor atm. Defenitly needed to have diffrent badges for hands. Otherwise it is really hard to analyse hands afterwards if you want to concentrate on a specific topic.

    2. In the replayer you can´t manualy click to the next action (i hope you understand what i mean). It just replays and i can´t jump to the flop or turn f.e.

    3. This option from PT4 is great: http://scr.hu/99yw/slw22
      This way you can make some table visible (like preflop) and some stats invisible (like postflop stats) without having the table full of numbers.

    4. Report is poor imo. The filter doesn´t make much sense. You can´t change anything in the report. You have to find a way to make it more custamizable. Like adding stats to the "Position" Report f.e.. At the moment i can just put a sensless filter on it.

    All in all still a fucking great tool and i hope you keep working on it. So much potential here but atm HM2 or PT4 still needed imo.

  • +1 to all of this

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