Issue Importing Hands when Rebuilding Stats

  • I recently made changes to my popup editor and then went to clear stats>build stats so that the changes would take affect in range research. However after doing this, it appears no player in my database has more than 5 hands played in the table on the main window of H2N. Yet at the same time, H2N took 31 mins to build stats and says it imported approx. 18 million hands. I attached a screenshot of the main window of H2N to illustrate the issue.

    I tried to resolve the problem by going to the configuration tab>clearing my old database>creating a new blank database>and then importing the 18 million hands into the new database. However, I'm still having the same issue. In the past I was able to rebuild stats no with no problem, so I'm not sure why I'm having this issue all of a sudden. Thanks in advanced for any assistance :)

    0_1492038370929_H2N Screenshot.PNG

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    Before rebuilding your database, try to go in Configuration -> Game Types, click Reset to default, and then click the Save settings.

  • Thanks for the reply, I just finished trying to reset the settings to default in the game types tab and then went to clear stats>build stats. Unfortunately, I still have the same issue when attempting to rebuild my stats. I also tried to fix the issue by using a smaller database with 3 million hands, but this also didn't seem to solve the problem. Is there anything else I can try to fix that might fix this issue?

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