doesn´t show HANDS in pupup correctly

  • I have same definition for diagram and for hands.
    But it shows correctly only in diagram.
    Hands are showed correctl only with simple definition - without used "OR". Why?

    1_1494326374420_popup.JPG 0_1494326374420_call ip output.JPG

  • Global Moderator

    Could you please give a screenshot of this definition when Popup is shown wrong?

  • @keepcalm
    I set this definition for diagram and also for hands.... diagram shows corretly, hands only for calls.
    But I have same problem with all definition for HANDS where I use "OR" for preflop action.


  • Global Moderator

    We can't reproduce the problem described. Please, provide us with the additional information.

    1. Archive the folder with Hand2Note and send to us by email to with a link to your message on the forum.(You can remove old log files in the folder C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\logs to reduce the size of an archive.)
    2. Please, specify the names of stats and popups where we can see the problem.

    You can use any convenient file sharing service, for example,, if the file exceeds 15MB

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