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  • Hello, is it possible in Hand2Note to create a PFR stats for all in and another one for a normal raise like between 2x and 3x (for sit and go). Thx

  • I guess Ive answered my own question because I had missed the bet sizing button. I have a related question on how to build my HUD. Let's say I want to build a HUD by position to know what Villain would be doing preflop.

    In my table grid first line would be PFR ep : In the stats editors I would put villains raises in preflop condition, bet sizing between 2 and 3, first action on this street. In the cell, uncheck all positions but keep MP1 for 6 max. Second stats in grid would be same but bet sizing all in and do the same for all other position at the tables and eventually could even break their range further by number of big blinds.

    Just want to know if If thats the way to go, thx for your support.

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    Actually, Hand2Note automatically builds many additional stats per each custom stat you created, including the bet sizing separation. All additional stats are placed in a Stat Info popup which you can open hovering mouse over a stat. How to customize it you can find in our guide:

    Stat Info popup customization

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