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  • Hello,
    Since the update of french iPoker, "Non SD winnings" are false in H2N & other trackers.

    <gametype>Holdem NL €0.50/€1</gametype>
    <tablename>Burgess Hill, 478987031</tablename>
    <startdate>2017-06-06 02:22:03</startdate>
    </general><game gamecode="3926631119">
    <startdate>2017-06-06 02:23:16</startdate>
    <player chips="€37.45" dealer="1" win="€0" name="seb38500" bet="€0" seat="3"/>
    <player chips="€127.40" dealer="0" win="€0" name="yamib" bet="€3.50" seat="5"/>
    <player chips="€118.02" dealer="0" win="€6" name="FedorHolz" bet="€10" seat="6"/>
    <player chips="€50.85" dealer="0" win="€0" name="ramdam27" bet="€0" seat="8"/>
    <round no="0">
    <action type="1" cards="" sum="€0.50" no="1" player="yamib"/>
    <action type="2" cards="" sum="€1" no="2" player="FedorHolz"/>
    <round no="1">
    <cards type="Pocket" player="ramdam27">X X</cards>
    <action type="0" cards="" sum="€0" no="3" player="ramdam27"/>
    <cards type="Pocket" player="seb38500">X X</cards>
    <action type="0" cards="" sum="€0" no="4" player="seb38500"/>
    <cards type="Pocket" player="yamib">X X</cards>
    <action type="23" cards="" sum="€3" no="5" player="yamib"/>
    <cards type="Pocket" player="FedorHolz">DQ CQ</cards>
    <action type="23" cards="" sum="€9" no="6" player="FedorHolz"/>
    <action type="0" cards="" sum="€0" no="7" player="yamib"/>

    I won the hand but the tracker says that i lost it.
    alt text

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for the information.

    We have forwarded the issue to our development team for investigation.

    Reference number: #554

  • It already happened several month ago. PT4 worked at this problem and now it works at PT4 so it should be a solution. Thank you for fast reaction.

  • Some news?

  • Global Moderator

    The issue is still under investigation.

  • hi, its not a problem related to PT4 or H2n, thats a problem with

  • Something new? May be you may look at PT4 solution?

  • Global Moderator

    The issue is still under investigation.

  • administrators

    DeposeSpew said:

    <player chips="€118.02" dealer="0" win="€6" name="FedorHolz" bet="€10" seat="6"/>

    Hand history provides incorrect data. Player "yamib" posted small blind and then open raised to 3.5$. Player "FedorHolz" posted big blind and raised to 10$ and "yamib" folded. So, "FedorHolz" got 6.5$ returned bet winning 7$ pot and 3.5$ was his clear profit in this hand. Hand history from other side provides data that "FedorHolz" won 6$ which can't be neither pot won nor actual profit in hand.

    We are not going to fix it. Because it is uncertain how to calculate winnings in this situation and it is a problem of a specific IPoker client. This issue should be fixed by IPoker. Probably PT4 calculates it wrong supposing that amount under "win" attributes equals pot won without returned bet. However, maybe I am wrong and PT4 found a way to calculate winnings in this situation and solved the problem that rake paid by each player is not mentioned in hand history.

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