French Ipoker

  • Hello,
    Since the update of french iPoker, "Non SD winnings" are false in H2N & other trackers.

    <gametype>Holdem NL €0.50/€1</gametype>
    <tablename>Burgess Hill, 478987031</tablename>
    <startdate>2017-06-06 02:22:03</startdate>
    </general><game gamecode="3926631119">
    <startdate>2017-06-06 02:23:16</startdate>
    <player chips="€37.45" dealer="1" win="€0" name="seb38500" bet="€0" seat="3"/>
    <player chips="€127.40" dealer="0" win="€0" name="yamib" bet="€3.50" seat="5"/>
    <player chips="€118.02" dealer="0" win="€6" name="FedorHolz" bet="€10" seat="6"/>
    <player chips="€50.85" dealer="0" win="€0" name="ramdam27" bet="€0" seat="8"/>
    <round no="0">
    <action type="1" cards="" sum="€0.50" no="1" player="yamib"/>
    <action type="2" cards="" sum="€1" no="2" player="FedorHolz"/>
    <round no="1">
    <cards type="Pocket" player="ramdam27">X X</cards>
    <action type="0" cards="" sum="€0" no="3" player="ramdam27"/>
    <cards type="Pocket" player="seb38500">X X</cards>
    <action type="0" cards="" sum="€0" no="4" player="seb38500"/>
    <cards type="Pocket" player="yamib">X X</cards>
    <action type="23" cards="" sum="€3" no="5" player="yamib"/>
    <cards type="Pocket" player="FedorHolz">DQ CQ</cards>
    <action type="23" cards="" sum="€9" no="6" player="FedorHolz"/>
    <action type="0" cards="" sum="€0" no="7" player="yamib"/>

    I won the hand but the tracker says that i lost it.
    alt text

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for the information.

    We have forwarded the issue to our development team for investigation.

    Reference number: #554

  • It already happened several month ago. PT4 worked at this problem and now it works at PT4 so it should be a solution. Thank you for fast reaction.

  • Some news?

  • Global Moderator

    The issue is still under investigation.

  • hi, its not a problem related to PT4 or H2n, thats a problem with

  • Something new? May be you may look at PT4 solution?

  • Global Moderator

    The issue is still under investigation.

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