SNap 888 does work

  • hand2note is not work on 888 snap i try to config from "How to make the initial settings" is work from table cash game but doesn't work snap please help me

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    If the HUD does not appear, follow these steps:

    1. If you are playing Zoom/Snap/Fast Forward/Speed tables, then you need to use StarsHelper or SessionLord on PokerStars, 888Caption on PacificNetwork, PartyCaption on Party / Bwin, iPoker Tools on iPoker Network.
    2. When using the applications from step 1, make sure that the settings in the chat option are enabled Everything
    3. In the Configuration -> Game Types, click Reset to default, and then click the Save Settings.

    All applications as well as poker rooms you should add to exceptions of your anti-virus software and run as administrator.

  • thanks you its worked , if i use H2n i need to buy 888 caption ??

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    Hand2Note works on regular tables without additional software, but for Snap tables and for full Dynamic HUD integration you should use 888Caption (Without registration, 888Caption works without any restrictions on NL10 and lower stakes as well as in tournaments with buy-in $3 or less):

    FAQ. Supported Poker Rooms

  • What do you mean excactly with the second step? (chat options)

  • I have the problem that it works for a few rounds and then the HUD disappears (at least the stats). :-(

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    Unfortunately, HUD in SNAP poker on Pacific Network has been disabled due to the room management request:

    Hand2Note 3.2.1 Release Notes

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