more board filters and hand strenght filters

  • Hello

    I need more board and hand strength filters.


    • CARDS: instead of 7-2 i need 7-6-5-4-3-2

      now if i want a non paired turn i have to do this (?)
      NOT flop paired above or flop paired below or flop three on a board AND NOT turn xxxx or xxxy or xxyz or xxyy
      beacuse there isnt any option for nonpaired on flop and turn.

    • TURN: turn overcard to flop board 2nd card!
      like: K62 flop and turn 7


    • bd straight draw

    • 1 over + 1 over on 2nd card

    for example: Q7 on J62 board

    • 2 over on 2nd card:

    for example: 89 on J62 board

    • 1 over but 2nd card not over on 2nd card:

    for example: Q3 on J67 board

    • insted of top pair good kicker top pair + X kicker would be better, or some customization what good kicker means.

    (in cashgames a good kicker is total different than in spins or husng for example, because of the wider ranges)

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    It is already in our plans.

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