Cant Get HUD to show (on iPoker/Coral)

  • Hi,

    I beleive that I have most of my settings correct as I can see reports/graphs of my play, threfore hands must be importing correctly.

    Unfortunately I cannot get any HUD to show. I have the defaults set in the game types tab and cannot see any other relevant settings.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I have all the intial setting in place AFAIK. Still cant get it to work??

    Are there any known issues with ipoker?

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    Please check that you entered the correct path for Auto Import. Also, ensure that you don't have too many hands in selected auto import folders in Configuration -> Auto Import. If there are too many hands then Hand2Note will be busy by importing hands and will not show HUD stats until import finishes.

    In the Configuration -> Game Types, click Reset to default, and then click the Save Settings.

    Hand2Note as well as poker rooms you should add to exceptions of your anti-virus software and run as administrator.

    If auto-import works correctly, you will see that Hand2Note counts hands in the lower left corner of the main window:

    alt text

  • I think this is all in order. However I can only import manually upon starting the program. Unfortunately the auto-import is not occurring??

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    Please try to follow the next steps:

    1. Launch iPoker as administrator.
    2. In the iPoker lobby click on Setting > System.
    3. Make sure "Store Hand History Locally" is selected. Make sure the hands are written in English, or the client was installed in English.
    4. Play a few Cash Game Hands
    5. Navigate to your Poker Client install path C:\Poker\YourSiteName*
    6. Look for the Hand History Folder where Hand Histories are being saved.
    7. Make note of this folder path and write it down.
    8. Run Hand2Note as administrator
    9. Verify that you have set the same path in Configurator->Auto Import
    10. If you are playing Speed tables run iPoker Tools as administrator.
    11. Ensure that Hand2Note, iPoker Tools and your poker room were added to exceptions of your anti-virus software.
    12. Check whether the issue persists.

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